The song for Latvia

Hamburg, 17 November 2018 - The song for Latvia

No matter where we are, no matter where we come from - we are united by our love for Latvia. As an invisible bond, it holds us firmly together. Whether Riga, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Hamburg - distances have no meaning, because the love that comes from the heart cannot be measured in kilometres.


On 17 November, love united us in Hamburg. So many joyful, happy people with smiles on their lips came together to say: "I am Latvia too", and then sang a song together to Latvia's well-being. It is a magical feeling - to belong, to be among your peers. In Hamburg there were 350 of us, 100 performers and 250 in the audience. Truly one of the biggest Latvian events in Hamburg.

Balticoro ist Mitglied im Chorverband Hamburg e.V.

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