Another hurdle cleared on the way to the song festival

Balticoro on the home straight

After several rehearsals and extra rehearsals, the recording for our application to the song festival in Riga could finally be made on Saturday, 29 April. With Stefan's active support, the technical equipment was set up in St. Olaf's Church, because everything had to be properly recorded in sound and vision. 

Some Latvian choir members arrived a little later, as they had accepted an invitation from the Latvian President at the Latvian Honorary Consulate. The President did not miss the opportunity to send us a greeting and to wish us good luck for our application.

Singing in, sound rehearsal, changing clothes, one of our easiest exercises, but standing still despite creaking shoes and an upcoming coughing fit was a challenge. Just don't mess up a cue! That's the terror of it all. For all that means restarting the recording again, as the songs we present have to be recorded in one 'take', cutting not allowed.

But with a lot of joy, perseverance, stamina and good voices, we managed to record a very presentable film for our application.

How nice that after the recording we were able to enjoy a delicious birthday buffet - thank you, Andrea! - and sit together in a nice atmosphere.

Many thanks at this point to Tony for the accompaniment on the piano and to Gerrit and Stefan for the technical implementation.


We would also like to thank PBLA and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia for their financial support.

Pictures: Gerrit Schreiber

Nota bene:

We achieved a respectable fourth place in category B with 42.44/50 points and are allowed to sing in rank I.

Balticoro ist Mitglied im Chorverband Hamburg e.V.

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