Before success, the gods have put sweat

Balticoro rehearses diligently for the Song Festival application

The application for the Latvian Song Festival in July is coming up. Two songs chosen by lot and one chosen by the choir itself have to be presented to the jury in a video. The jury will then decide on the choir's participation in the song festival in Riga.

Balticoro is now in this decisive phase. There is more rehearsing, practising at home with the help of the materials provided, learning texts by heart - which is a special challenge for non-native speakers. The last extra rehearsal last Saturday in St. Franziskus (Barmbek) was quite successful and offered a special sound experience, as we were able to sing in the church with great acoustics. 

On the last weekend in April the 'audition' will take place, i.e. a video will be recorded which will be submitted to the jury in Riga. Then we will have to wait and see. We will know more at the beginning of May.

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Picture: Gerrit Ruempler

Balticoro ist Mitglied im Chorverband Hamburg e.V.

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