Balticoro and the participation in the Esslingen Liederfest 2022

After the founder and long-time conductor of 'Balticoro' had resigned from the musical direction of the choir for personal reasons, the members of the choir did not want to accept this without a sound.

At a first meeting in October 2021, the singers formulated their wishes and goals and explored the possibility of reorganising. Consensus of all: We want to continue singing! But how? With whom?


Just one month later, a project crystallises, the possible participation in the Esslingen Liederfest. But for this, in addition to enough singers, an artistic director is needed, regular rehearsal dates, self-study and discipline on the part of the singers ... Can we do it?

Singers quickly declare their willingness to take part in the "Esslingen 2022" project with all the associated obligations.


With Ēriks Kravalis, a new artistic director is found who not only teaches the technical details, but also conveys the artistic and historical value of Latvian choral music. Ēriks Kravalis is a professional and long-time conductor of various Latvian amateur choirs and has sung in the most famous Latvian chamber choir 'Ave Sol'. (Read more here).

Since January 2022, we have now been rehearsing intensively once a month with Ēriks Kravalis.

Now we can look forward with great joy to the song festival in Esslingen in June 2022!


Why Esslingen?

At the end of the Second World War, one of the largest Latvian refugee camps in Germany was in Esslingen. In order to show their tradition and solidarity with their homeland, the Latvians organised a song festival in Esslingen in May 1947: an event with 25 choirs and about a thousand singers. It was the largest and most extensive song festival in Germany.

Following on from this first event, there was another Latvian Song Festival in Esslingen from 15 to 18 June 2017. (more information in German here). It was also the prelude to a series of events celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Latvia in 2018.

A total of 300 singers from Latvian choirs from Germany, Latvia and other countries rehearsed together and took part in the final concert. Among them were singers from Balticoro in Hamburg.

When it was announced that a Latvian Singers' Festival would be celebrated again in Esslingen from 16-19 June 2022 - the 75th anniversary of the first Latvian Singers' Festival - and we remembered our participation in 2017, it was clear: this is our project! As Balticoro, we will also participate in the Esslingen Song Festival in 2022.


Participation in the Esslingen Song Festival also brings us one step closer to our next goal, participation in the XXVII Latvian Song and Dance Festival. The Latvian Song and Dance Festival is a traditional cultural event in Latvia. It is a part of Latvian national identity and is usually held in Riga every five years. Since 1873, the festival has taken place 26 times, so 2023 can look back on 150 years of tradition.


We are happy that Balticoro will continue and that we will be able to continue singing thanks to your support.

Thank you very much! Paldies!

Balticoro ist Mitglied im Chorverband Hamburg e.V.

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