A resounding success

The Song and Dance Festival in Esslingen 2022

After an eventful journey in different groups, we met on Thursday evening in the 'Balticoro' flat to make final arrangements and exchange information.


On Friday, in high summer temperatures, some of us went to Ivars Cinkuss' workshop, others to Zane Šmite's or to the Hamburg dance group 'Elbe' on the station square.

From 12.45 to 16 o'clock, a kind of rehearsal took place in the community centre at Blarerplatz. It was a great experience to be able to perform together again with all the singers and conductors.

Afterwards, 'free time' and relaxation was the order of the day, e.g. enjoying the Swabian cuisine and having a drink. Most of us, however, were back in the community centre on time at 8 pm for the performance of the musical 'Ar mīlestību no Eslingenas' (With love from Esslingen).


Saturday began at 9 a.m. with a choir rehearsal - after all, we had to practise getting on and off the stage with the many participants. Around noon there was a 'quick run-through' with all the groups, before at around 4 p.m. - quickly changing and dressing up - we went in festive costume at a breakneck pace to the market square, where after a few speeches the festival procession started.

Balticoro was the first group to lead the parade to the Neckar Forum.


After 5 pm our concert could finally begin: on stage all the choirs, in front of the stage the dance groups and in the seating rows an enthusiastic audience. At 8.45 pm the concert, which was very emotional for all participants, closed with 'Pūt vējiņi', just like at the big song festival in Rīga. The audience thanked us all with a standing ovation. What an experience!

A short breath, then it was time to get out of the traditional costume, dress up a little and close the song and dance festival in Esslingen with a ball until the early morning and make contacts with other choirs.


Now we are enjoying the well deserved summer break and will start again on Friday 2 September 2022.

More details will be available soon.

Esslingen, we'll be back!

Pictures: Gerrit Ruempler, Gerrit Schreiber, Claudia Verbeet

Balticoro ist Mitglied im Chorverband Hamburg e.V.

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